Why would you want to hire me?

Given that you are considering entrusting me with a project that is important for you, you might want to know what kind of personality you get when you hire me. These are my core values:


Caring & Connected: I care about my clients' problems and am highly dedicated to solving them. The moments I feel most proud of my work is when clients' problems are resolved or goals are achieved.

Open & HonestI am an open and honest person and prefer a transparent communication and way of working with my clients. I openly communicate about potential issues, and appreciate vice versa.

Independent & goal-orientedI strongly believe in adding value and don't believe in doing economic or strategic analysis for it's own sake. I prefer focusing on the analysis that contributes most to achieving your goals or fixing a problem (80-20 rule). Not everything has to be done by an academic textbook to be useful; also a reason why I decided to work as independent consultant!

Social: Last but not least, I am a very social person and believe that sharing a laugh with each other every now and then makes working together more productive and efficient