Why am I working as freelance consultant?

I believe that you don't always need big consulting companies or many consultants to solve a problem. Sometimes all you need is one person with a consulting background and skills to help you get what is needed for your internal decision making or external proceedings.


How do I work?

In preparing what clients need to support their internal or external processes, I closely cooperate with my clients and other key stakeholders. I strongly believe that an independent consultant adds value by being able to involve key decision makers and those responsible for implementation more, or even co-creating analysis if needed; cooperation and involvement creates commitment to the outcome!


What do I offer?

If you need a consultant to help you prepare analysis that you are missing; that is what I offer! My skill is to gather relevant information – both internal (company processes, financials etc.) and external (market developments, competitor analysis etc.) – and create a coherent strategic or economic story out of it. I have successfully applied these skills by providing strategic and economic analysis to private companies and public bodies, advising them on State aid and other competition issues, and assisting in strategic and economic decision making.